With more than 20 years guiding experience, fishing guide and skipper Johan Abelsson offers adventure on his charter boat Abel’s Salmon Catcher..... Read more »

Österlen in eastern Skåne is home to several of the world’s best sea trout sites. They are the best of the fantastic sea trout fishing that runs.... Read more »

In the 1200s some monks chose to build a monastery on a spit of land between the fish-rich lakes Ivösjön and Oppmannasjön. Some 400 years later.... Read more »

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An angling facility in a lovely natural setting located in northern Skåne province. Here in Göinge country, old oaks and historical monuments.... Read more »

Fishing South of Sweden (SOS) offers deep sea fishing on the Baltic for beginners and pros. Our specialty is cod fishing on wrecks and stone ridges.... Read more »

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